Now you’ll notice i’m using oldly versions of most benchmark programs. Its real speed will be estimated a bit later, and now have a look at the top player – Wildcat VP I used the OpenGL and operation under a special driver. Creative Help Page 2: Some time ago we did some tests with this version. I supposed that the performance was limited by the CPU.

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In the company focused development efforts on its emerging media processing business and in rebranded as ZiiLABS.

The screening can help eliminate many problems in 2D. Too any artifacts and no expected speed growth. Gamma was the first single chip graphics geometry processor for the PC.

Wildcat VP Products Page 4: These OpenGL graphics cards are based on a new chip, which goes by the code name P I used the OpenGL and operation under a special driver. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Download 3dlabs: Wildcat VP – MajorGeeks

So, in LightWave the P10 cards have a good speed wildxat good rendering quality. When I tested the LightWave for the first time I didn’t have much difference between various cards. At present the company has the documents for OpenGL 2. Well, here are the results of the 3ds max 5.


The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. And their basic position is not bad at all. In most tests they outscore the rest. That is why I can assume that these cards differ only in the speed.

We can wait a little, though the market can’t. The 3Dlabs’ cards were tested in the geometry optimization mode because all our previous tests show that a user benefits most of all exactly from this mode in professional applications.

However compared to other cards’ i’ve had experience using ELSA Gloria Synergy Quadro 2 boards and a FireGL pro the initial two driver releases as well as the one i’m currently running have been remarkably stable. As a rule, image quality is higher in such cards. And I assume that the winners took the lead exactly because of the optimization.

The following lines are ticked off in OpenGL drivers in 3ds max: BioShock Infinite and Metro: Hitachi board of directors approves display business spin-off. Wildfat answer is simple: VP, which is short for “Visual Processing,” represents the mid-range segment.

VPU Technology Preview: The Wildcat VP Series From 3Dlabs

The cooler’s attractive color in combination with the PCB’s coffee color have won me over. Some time ago we did some tests with this version. During the operation I noticed no troubles there.


In our opinion, 3Dlabs is taking the right steps in the right direction.

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All wildcat VP cards support this dual view accessory. Subscribe to our newsletter. Now you’ll notice i’m using oldly versions of wjldcat benchmark programs. Commons category link is locally defined.

This guide is entirely written on a sheet of paper of the format a bit larger than A4, – it’s strange for a card of such level, but on the other hand, those who buy such cards do not need in-depth manuals much, especially considering that all necessary documents are provided 3dllabs PDF on a CD; the other CD contains free versions of professional products.