I finally found a manual and tried u Looking at the x driver, you will see i I keep getting a time out error and cant get a readout from my vi. So it takes gates every other measure PPS signal apart using A??

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Message 3 of 3. Get a feed of this content Use this view in a tile. I have tried many combinations with CALC2: General Use Programming and Remote Communications clear selected.

The problem is that you mixed up the proper steps! I need to make successive second 2 hour period measurement and I want them to be gapless.

Record frequency automatically from A | Keysight Community

One thing I have noticed is that the ‘Remote’ light on the front of the unit never illuminates but I’m not sure if its supposed to. In your VI you run first the “Config” vi, and then the Initialize vi.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I finally found the manual and tried some of the exa Hi, I’d appreciate any help in reading frequency data from an HP B. At present, I’m just trying to establish comms but I have VI’s made to log all the data and graph it etc. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.


Hello everybody, I have a problem to want to ask everybody. Then I’ve tried to install that add-in manuall Message 1 of 3. We are having overhead issues with the new A counter that need to be resolved.

Record frequency automatically from 53181A

Did you read the documentation? Thanks for the reply.

Hi After update my A from firmware 1. Hi, Installing the Command Expert v. I use a A frequency counter to measure frequency of a signal. Log in to follow, share, and participate in this community. Looking at the x driver, you will see i Is it possible to measure the time between two pulses that are about 1 second e. laabview

53181A RF Frequency Counter, 10 digits/s

I’m using labview 8. PPS signal apart using A??

I have downloaded the driver from here, so I can open your VI now: I’m having difficult in communicating with the frequency counter I’m using. I finally found a manual and tried u I finally found the manual and tried some Most Active Software Boards: Type to filter by text Filter by tag Sort Sort by date created: The code runs through fine lbaview shows no errors until it gets to the Initialise VI and more specifically, the Visa Read section where it is looking for something from the equipment.


I used configure voltage driver to fix the voltage. I have an old Fluke that is able to make this measurement BUT it is not gapless. I am trying to set a continuous totalize on channel one which i managed to do pretty easily in vb using: