But the design of the box and accessories the standard complete set includes only a SmartTool screw-driver took much more strain from the specialists. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: So, what does it lack of? Now comes the most interesting part of the review – the BIOS. Windows Professional 5.

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The company sometimes adds something new to the appearance of the boards’ boxes, which d always testified that the developers have paid special attention to some of their products.

So, if you need a fast board for Intel’s processors, than go with this “pearl”.

ASUS CUSL2 Socket-370 i815E ATX

saus But it is probably this definite sample to blame. You might argue that today many manufacturers use such approach – for example, they provide a space for the second BIOS chip and so on, but in such a scale it’s the first time.

The CD contains several ready images, and the other depends on your imagination.

So, what does it lack of? The iEP chipset is a logical continuation of the previous set of chips from Intel – the iE, differing from the today’s one in the i based graphics core with low speed characteristics.

CUSL2-C | ASUS Global

Stylish blue boards from Gigabyte meant for the retail market will undoubtedly draw attention of buyers. But the question remains – why would you need two CNR slots? To determine why they excluded this option we should look back. Supported processors and buses: Video 3Digests Video cards: We don’t have practically free sound in AC’97 codec, 3 audio connectors – Line-In, Line-Out and Microphone, and a connector for a joy-stick.


A silvery-gray cardboard box is laminated and has the words “Black Pearl” written diagonally. It’s usually a result of high-quality products time and time again. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Frankly speaking, I feared to be disappointed in the board both due to my respectful attitude to Asustek and due to the fact that a black color became usual. Besides, the today’s board lacks for a COM2 port as compared with the predecessor – it is replaced by a Smartconn – a connector for Smart-card reader, which is, in fact, a serial port.

Though in general, the iE chipset is not that bad, and Intel being tired of infinite problems has just cut a graphics core out of the North Bridge leaving all others without alterations.

ASUS CUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel (CUSL2-C-BLK) Motherboard

In fact the difference from iE is very cuzl2, but asuw undoubted magnitude of the new chipset it is worth closer look at. So if you are an overclocker you have to look for a good square cooler. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. ASUS always seems to have some of the most innovative motherboards, and the CUSL2 is no exception, featuring by far one of the strangest looking innovations we’ve ever seen at AnandTech.

Anyway, lack of a graphics core doesn’t tell upon the cost of this set of chips much, that is why a user won’t care much about the presence or absence of this integrated video adapter cause it almost doesn’t tell upon the price of the motherboard. Panasonic 40x speed Video card: Inside And Outside All these measures were taken by the top mainboard manufacturer – Asustek. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The newest iEP chipset legacy stability promising overclockability Lows: Now comes the most interesting part of the review – the BIOS.


And video cards are becoming not so exacting as earlier, this will allow using just a usual AGP without Pro. Introduction Today’s motherboards are often developed not only by engineers but also by designers.

I think they asjs have covered the heatsink with silver or platinum like some AOpen boardsor have made it of silver like a Silverado cooler of NoiseControl made of hallmark silver. Windows Professional 5. It is probably thanks to lack of integrated graphics, cudl2 it might be BIOS that influenced, but on the other hand the gap is not so big, and the performance difference might be caused by xsus error.

I’d only add that the bridges are connected not with a PCI bus but with a new one which appeared due to a new Intel’s architecture – Accelerated Hub Architecture. The MB total memory limit of the is still in effect, however. Well, it very “easy” money!