Has anyone had results, good, bad, or otherwise with the CDC-Core implementation? When I have a gap, I’ll dig it up and post it “as is”. I verified the problem with the state machine, your change was correct I modified it a little bit in order to avoid an extra condition. You must ensure that the configured MAC address is unique on the network to which the prototyping board is being connected. Probably the setting and clearing code should look like this:

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Note that this functionality will only work when running the demo ‘stand alone’, without the debugger. It’s not silicon – it does work properly.

Fail Safe File System: The prototyping board should also allow the use of a standard Ethernet cable when connecting point to point, but I have not tested this configuration. I think you will find it’s your code somewhere.

GCC and AT91SAM7 USB CDC Core Example

I first had similar problems to yours, but found that it was all to do with how you handle: I read the document you mentioned and tried the demo code. It is in a macro that basically ends up expanding to code that looks something like this: Changes are sent to the target hardware by clicking the “Update IO” button. In case anyone is interested, here’s what I’m working on: I am completely stuck on implementing any of the two If I find it I’ll send you if you want for testing.


Served Web Pages The top of each served page includes a menu containing a at91aam7 to every other page.

AT91SAM7 USB Interface – Linux – Welcome to AT91SAM Community Discussions

The demo application uses the LEDs built into the prototyping board so no other hardware setup is required. My own framework for this is at91sa7 for portability to other CPUs and boards, so if anyone wants to pony up a development board I’d be happy to port it to that board I think I know the demo you are referring to.

Thank you very much for your help! Admittedly, the serial was only running atbut data flow worked perfectly. Any joystick inputs are provided to the host computer as mouse inputs. This is the ar91sam7 to select when prompted for a workspace location during the Eclipse startup process.

When I have a gap, I’ll dig it up and post it “as is”. Entering the IP address into the web browser obviously use the correct IP address for your system. It is st91sam7 what I wanted to do. Could you explain what the problem is and if there is any reason to keep the previous “early” mode? When executing correctly the demo application will behave as follows: I certainly came across this problem to account for.


If I remember well, there was some problem with that. Note that these pages transmit each line individually so will not load quickly.

See the Embedded Ethernet Examples List page for more information. I’m afraid that that’s true too.

I can’t seem to figure out if the problem is to do with usbser. Be sure to read the Eclipse installation and configuration instructions prior to building the project. Cheers, and thanks for the well-thought out reply At91sxm7 toggling every 5 seconds indicates that all the standard demo tasks are executing without error.

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