Generating time stamps Each event which is sent or received by a Vector network interface has an accurate time stamp. The tool is split into two windows. Further information on the synchronization can be found in section Time Synchronization on page Further information about the available accessories can be found in the separate accessories manual on the driver CD: Vehicle Network Toolbox Documentation.

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Manual. CANcaseXL CANcaseXL log. Version 5.1 English

Open an ASAP2 file. This symbol calls your attention to warnings. Companies, names and data used in examples herein are fictitious unless. If you do not have this library, download it from the Vector Informatik Cancadexl website:.

The filter settings block all received messages except for the specific message which is logged. The test procedure can be terminated with the [Stop] button.

Manual. CANcaseXL CANcaseXL log. Version English – PDF

Choose a client-side link with your local Microsoft Outlook or a Server-side link More information. This Quick Start document contains. Example of unsynchronized network decice. Request new hardware support.


The LED state will change when the critical data rate decreases. Close this wizard and then execute the driver setup. This text box is only active if filter condition is set to ID range. All rights which are not expressly cancasexo are reserved. The hardware synchronization must be supported by the application. Cancassxl Each installed Vector device is shown in Hardware. Trigger action None No action will be done when the trigger occurs. Starts logging on SD card with set pre and post trigger times.

Product Specification 4 4. Connect both ends of the fiber with one fiber coupler to a ring and check if the program displays the status Lock.

The logged data is saved on industrial-grade SD cards see section Memory Card on page This allows the application to calculate the deviations between the network interfaces and to synchronize the time stamps to a common time base master canccasexl which is defined by cancaasexl application.

The inter character bit time is set to 2 by default. The CAN Bus load is measured twice per second for each channel. The list view contains the following information: In order to synchronize up to five devices at the same time, a distribution box is available see accessories manual, article number Please loosen the appropriate eevice including the retainer and carefully remove the Piggyback from the mounting location. This is useful in cases, if additional filters or triggers has to be added and resaved back to the device.


Use Vector CAN Drivers – MATLAB & Simulink

Too high data rate, messages are lost. Device is ready for logging. We are grateful for references to mistakes or for suggestions for improvement to be able to offer you even more efficient products in the future. The base for these time stamps is a common hardware clock in the cnacasexl.

Rx Tx Dvice Meaning – – Active if messages are being received. We are grateful for references to mistakes or for suggestions for improvement to be able to offer you even more efficient products in the future Support You need support?