The syetm tell me “Mixman encoutred an error and mut be close”: If you Guys Know How. Mixman isn’t working under Windows XP. The syetm tell me “Mixman encoutred an error and mut be close” On the spacification say “Operative system Not compatible. Demonstration All Demo software.

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And i have windows XP so that means i cant do nothing but look at my mixman mimxan i sure cant do nothing with it. Please send me the driver: If anyone know or keep it then pls send me.

The syetm tell me “Mixman encoutred an error and mut be close” On the spacification say “Operative system Not compatible.

Ok i’ve got a problem mwhen i run the mixman under windows XP. Scratching, Cross-Fader, Transformer, W. FX, and much more.

I was reading around and I saw that there are two versions of the software you can get with the DM2. Any idea how do I get to make it works? Develop your own live performance mjxman with real-time features like: Mixman Studio Pro 5.


Theres a Blue version, which works with XP, and a Green which isnt compatable. Download from the Author’s Website.

And many times I was trying download from web,but I failed. DJ – Mixing Live Performance. For more detail about software: The syetm dm me “Mixman encoutred an error and mut be close”: If anyone can offer me some advice or a new program or anything please, please do so.

Search Contact Privacy Policy. Sounds come in many styles including Hip-Hop, House, Trance, and more.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – VDJ & DM2 [MixMan] Controller

Whether you are an advanced beat twister, or just getting started, Mixman’s patented remix and beat-match engine provides you the power and flexibility you need to make your music sound great. Demonstration All Demo software.

I really really want to try this out but I’m out of ideas?!?! When you are ready, put your music on Mixman RadioT for the world to hear. I’ve also downloaded my latest drivers: Free use for 60 days after which you mixmman purchase thesoftware if you wish to continue using it.


MixMan DM2 driver download, free MixMan DM2 driver download.

I’ve done everything I can think of: A friend of mine wants a MixMan mmixman X-Mas. So my system required to update sound driver. Treker i need this driver for my frendes. Igot the mixman two weeks ago but i cant use it because i lost the disc that comes with it.

Mixman Studio Pro for Windows XP//NT/ME/98/95

I need help reinstalling the dm2 program. Mixman’s advanced application StudioXPro offers a deep feature set and sound design tools for producers. If you Guys Know How. But sad, upset and mixless I sit.

I’ve reinstalled ActiveX 5: