Naturally going with zeon will lead to potentially higher grade motherboards i. I’ve dabbled in Linux for fun and just a bit on RasPi Does the Raid HBA realy operate fully transparent? I guess I’ll stop using the word “windows”? And we’re trying really hard not to forget.

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Forgot to add link to asus boards: And we’re trying really hard not to forget. Rule s Be excellent to each other. Thanks so much for the help!!!

A lot of people rocjetraid championing ZFS. Joined Feb 15, Messages 15, Thanks 3, We are digital librarians. I guess I’ll stop using the word “windows”?

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HBA is short for Host Bus Adapter, and basically what it does is just add disks without any control over them. Joined Sep 30, Messages 10 Rockeraid 0. Want to add to the discussion? I am seeing the same type of error with increments. Forums New posts Search forums. Does anyone know if this is true?


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Also noticed now that I am using the updated firmware the boot screen seems a shorter delay and no output. It is basically a switch that has to be flipped in the bios in rocektraid least asus’ case although I presume it would be the same everywhere. With ZFS you can only add more groups of drives someone correct me if I’m wrongso you need to get a multiple of the drives you already have.

But there is a caveat. According to the Amazon page it reads: You can do intel as well, but ecc support is limited based on the chipset which tends to be pricier as well as having a very restricted freenzs choice. Intel Core i 3.

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For some reason these disks are daX rather then adX? But the reliance on FreeBSD for drivers hit me. Please share a link if you know a better suited controller.


Is this a good raid card to use by the looks of it? Its not that much more and is worth it. I will post any progress I make.

Last edited by a moderator: Thanks for the help with that. So you would basically have to run Linux so that the hack could be reapplied during every boot. Distributed Archiving of Instagram! That appears to be a dedicated RAID card. Just as possible alternative, but OpenMediaVault might be an option for you if you’re looking into others.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I only mention it because you look like you’re planning almost the same thing I was, even down to it running Plex which mine does also. Will it require a driver to function in FreeNAS?