I am a confirmed loyal customer after my experience. In fact the feel at impact emphasized the forged perimeter and design complimented by the Pro Force red stiff shaft. He recommended the GXz in Graffaloy Blue stiff Achieving a 15 year history of designing and building golf clubs takes passion and an understanding of people who love golf as much as we do. So my wife and I decided to take up golf just this summer, and we both bought complete sets from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Had an issue with one of the drivers I bought, the company bent over backwards to make it right. Why is choosing the correct length and lie so important?

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GigaGolf Custom Golf Clubs

The only ones I still play are the irons. I am now 46, disabled with a missing L5 vertebra, numerous bad gibagolf, arthritis, a missing disc in my neck with a plate and 10 pins holding my right shoulder together.

I do not see myself buying clubs anywhere else ever. Our swing robot tests have demonstrated a significant gigagklf of distance and accuracy when the lie angle is not correct. Now going to buy a 5 hybrid. Hitting it farther than I was hitting my Taylor Made.

I ended up getting a set of mizuno jpx-ez irons. I’m still evaluating it under the 30 day guarantee may need a stiff shaft but after four rounds I have to say that it is a great value.



Off the ground or off the tee these are fantastic. Gigagof quality club on offer. Thx guys for another great club. I may have to buy him a set also. Why is choosing the correct shaft type and flex important?

Like I wrote, this is my first experience with hybrids, but I can’t imagine ever wanting to hit anything longer than a 6-iron ever again. Adding or subtracting length cause the largest change. Good long drives right next to the big boy clubs.

GigaGolf GXz Driver

Unsure if I was going to keep the clubs my Taylormades were still in my bag and these were on a blanket. The perfect addition for players looking for a solid feel and outstanding control. This club has been the missing link between my 3 iron and disaster.

Changing length, shaft, or grip options may change swingweights. Even though the clubs were a little over a year old, he had me return them and they replaced gigagoolf heads on both clubs with new double slider models. I got to hit GXz Ti driver for the first time on the 18th of this month. I have purchased a number of clubs from Gigagolf and have never been disappointed.

It nearly flew over the fence gigagllf the range about away.

GigaGolf GXZ Ti Driver

A very solid club. It was nothing special and the finish was sub par. This one really does perform. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a quality new driver on a budget.


I also planned to use it off the tee since I figured it’d giggolf better to hit it straight down the fairway instead of in the trees to the right.

I have no issue with Gigagolf! I hit his R9 he called old faithful. The benefit of casting in one piece is that there are no weld lines in the body.

I am fairly new to golf, and don’t have a high back swing as yet, still working on that. Ive played around 5 rounds with my new trx control irons i got the fitted ones e-fit i think they call it,i havent had a problem with them the distances are the same from my last set of irons which wur taylormade burners! There’s no guessing where “square” is, it sits on the ground at address perfectly square.

They play every bit bxz well as their counterparts that cost more.