Read and understand all instructions. In addition, since the equipment is to be used with telecommunications circuits, take the following precautions: However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. This product can be set up using any current web browser, i. Linksys is a registered trademark More information.

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Unless the Enable box is checked, all the settings are ignored. To connect to 681 hub s standard port, use an Ethernet crossover cable. Hold the open clamp around the cable or cables as close to the router as possible. Hotwire Wall Jack Phone Filter is designed for use with a wall phone.

Install Your More information.

Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord and do not locate the product where persons will walk on the power cord.

To disconnect, click on the Disconnect button. A rare phenomenon can create a voltage potential between the earth grounds of two or more buildings. Copyright UTStarcom, Inc.

Important Safety Instructions 1. All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, More information.


The Range field is used to specify the number of ports used by the custom server.

It does not imply that Industry Canada approved the equipment. Special cables, which may be required by the regulatory inspection authority for the installation site, are the responsibility of the customer. If you purchased this Router to share.

This manual in whole or in part, may not be reproduced, translated, or reduced to any machine-readable form without prior written approval.

Paradyne Hotwire Manuals

Connect to one of the following: This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

The Licensee shall not copy the Software except for a single archival copy. You will now be able to surf the More information. To configure a virtual server, specify the IP address and click in its associated Enable box.

Paradyne Hotwire 6381 1-Port 10/100 Wired Router (6381-A4-200)

There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. The web interface main screen appears. Congratulations on your HomePortal purchase. If requested, this number must be provided to the Telephone Company.


Advanced Setup Custom Virtual Servers This screen is an extension to the Virtual Server screen and can be used to configure non-standard servers. Trademarks Preface D-Link reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes in the content hereof without obligation to notify any person or organization of such revisions or changes.

Paradyne Hotwire 6381 Manuals

In addition, since the equipment is to be used with telecommunications circuits, take the following precautions: If this happens, the Telephone Company will provide advance notice in order for you to make necessary modifications to maintain uninterrupted service. Selecting this method causes the router to function as a simple bridge with no routing functionality.

Linksys is a registered trademark. Web Login This feature allows you to change your basic router password. Hotwire Universal Phone Filter is designed for use with a tabletop phone. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product.