This website uses cookies. In camera mode, you should see the DCIM folder only. I can download pictures but when I switch to the MTP settings it finds new hardware but will not connect. Had the same problem. I have been trying to download media files from my phone to my laptop using windows XP.

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I have this question too. Trust me, this really works and very simple!! You also said you tried installing drivers – just want to make sure they are the ones from here: Message 6 of 9.

Motorola V180 Free Driver Download

Are you using a USB hub? Extended support from Microsoft for XP will end next year; consumer support ended in In camera mode, you should see the DCIM folder only. Everything works fine when the phone is plugged into my daughters Windows 7 laptop.

Also, if you are not already, try using the cable provided with the Mini. At the end I found in a Samung forum, wehre the same problem was discussed, that the problem is a missing update: Any help would be appreciated. B180 2 of 9. I had previously gone to Motorola and downloaded and installed the latest device manager software, but I am not sure that was necessary.


Drive is apparently my friend. I downloaded it http: I was told by Motorola support after 4 hours my laptop and operating system is not compatible?

I am having a similar issue getting my new droid mini to connect to my pc windows XP SP 3 The Motorola device driver installed ok but the MTP device did not install and the found new hardware wizard comes up with an error when I connect the usb cable to the phone. If you switch to MTP, if nothing shows up, what happens if you leave it in MTP mode, and disconnect the cable from the computer, then reconnect it?

Message 3 of 9.

First make sure your computer has these softwares installed: If your computer windows XP OS is not genuine and if you need to install windows media player 11 without validation, follow the steps in this website-http: There’s a chance that the issue lies with XP, and not with the phone or its drivers. Still the same problem.

I get the feeling that they don’t have an answer. No matter how well our systems may be working, there is a limit to how much backward compatibility we can expect from any manufacturer.


On the Chromebook, it appears as a USB device, but read-only. I had the same problem and I found the solution below in another forum usg it worked for me on my droid Turbo. If so, take that out of the equation. Tried the solution suggested by Sumb in this thread https: Had the same problem.

MTP device will not connect using windows xp – Lenovo Community

After driver installation and plugging the device a window communicated that “MTP Mohorola occurred” and the drived could not be installed. My Moto G was detected as Camera but not as Multimedia device.

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I have been trying to download media files from my phone to my laptop using windows XP. Message 8 of 9.